Jun 17 2010


What is YOUR impact?

Click on the wheel to see your “Ecological Footprint” from training, travel, and driving to work*…

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In our business (training and consulting), our biggest impact comes from:

  • Printing of manuals and other documents
  • Traveling to and from classrooms (not just us, but all of the students as well)
  • Use of hotel and conference spaces while our homes and offices are empty

We have reduced our impact by relying more on technology, such as Moodle e-Learning, email, and conference calling. We encourage electronic documents instead of printed ones. We don’t drive if we don’t have to and we fly a whole lot less.

We have a virtual office, where everyone works from home, so there’s no commuting to work, heating or cooling an office building that sits idle 75% of the time, or materials used in the production of mostly-unused furniture, rooms, etc. We still get together a couple of times of year; just not five days a week.

We have not only significantly reduced our footprint, but we’ve recovered a whole lot of time in the day that can be spent working – or relaxing!

What can you do in your business that will help both you and the environment?
We’ll help you find out!

*Where did we get these values? Click here…

To download the PDF version, click here… You can print it out on cardstock and put it together for a fun project.  Just don’t print more than you need!

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