Jun 08 2010

About Us

We have the passion, experience, and knowledge…going back to the 1960′s!

Penny Mondani :: Managing Partner. Since 1985, Penny has trained, coached, mentored, and led projects within Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Heavy Equipment Manufacturers, Utilities, Insurance and Banking Organizations, Health Care Providers, Software Technology companies, and the Aerospace Industry. These projects have spanned the globe, from the U.S. and Canada to Germany to Japan. She has counseled Operations and Six Sigma Leaders on the strategic direction for their organizations, and how to achieve their goals.

She has also held positions in performance metrics (Operations and Budgets), marketing, retail, organizational design and training, project management, and engineering analysis. She has made significant contributions to the training designs and curricula of several other organizations including USWest and PriceWaterhouse-Coopers (Six Sigma practice).

One of her lifelong passions has been the sustainability of the planet.  Yes, lifelong! Her parents subscribed to the Rodale Press publication Organic Gardening when she was a toddler.  They read food labels in the 1960s and grew most of their own food (vegetable and animal); none of it had systemic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or artificial coloring. Conserving water was a necessity because the well might go dry, lights were always turned off when leaving the room, and the cold winters were spent in 68 (or lower) degree rooms.  Food scraps were composted or doled out to the animals, depending upon their dietary needs.  Penny disagrees with Kermit; being “green” is easy.

Penny holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Distribution from Clarkson College, an MBA and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, both from Rensselaer.

Glen Mondani :: Subject Matter Expert. Glen has been a senior consultant in environmental and quality management system integration for over 20 years and has been exposed to 100s of companies from various industries, each with unique environments, systems, and objectives.  He has worked hands-on with many organizations (private, federal/state agency, and military) to develop innovative tools and methods to integrate the goals of profitability, performance, and environmental sustainability.

Glen serves as the subject matter expert for Albany Analytical’s environmental and sustainability courses.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in Economics.

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