Jun 17 2010


After you’ve generated a comprehensive list of aspects and pared it down to the vital few, the next thing is to determine the impacts.

3. Impacts

Environmental impacts are defined as the change from doing nothing and doing something.  They are measured as the increase or decrease in each aspect, due to a change in your process.

The Wheel Calculations

From the data that was available in 2007, we calculated these impacts for the Wheel.  They represent the increase in each aspect (CO2, Crude Oil, Non-productive time) of each type of training over no training.

Environmental Impact of Training

Again, because this wheel was produced for promotional purposes, the impacts were a gross estimate.  You may need to be more precise and consider more aspects.

Impacts Are Not All the Same Even for the Same Activity

There are probably more aspects to training, but are they really significant?  They may be in your case, but not in someone else’s business.  Depending upon where you live, how far you and your students must travel, and the fragility of your environment, the impacts of similar training can vary greatly.  For instance, face to face training in Manhattan, with students and teachers all using public transportation, might have a far lower impact than it does in Omaha where everyone has to drive or fly hundreds of miles to meet in one place.

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